Cyber Security- The Ostrich Approach is hurting the world


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How important is cyber security to you?  You folks in education, and healthcare how about you? IT professionals, I know you have your pretty little firewalls, but seriously does your software update every minute so it catches every threat out there? Perhaps its “good enough”  It’s 2018, in case anyone hasn’t noticed and Cyber Security continues to be a huge issue for every business that has a network. That means EVERY business out there is subject to these threats.

In 2017, hackers stole $172 BILLION dollars from people all over the world according to an article from MIT Technology Review. $19.4 Billion happened in the United States. I am willing to bet that in each of these threats, those pretty little firewalls were up and running and all the lights were flashing that all was good in the world.
The forecast for 2018 isn’t any better. According to Forbes, education and healthcare are going to be big targets this year. Educational institutions lack resources to defend their endpoints. school systems are a lightly secure network of endpoints that contain personally identifiable information on students, parents and staff.
The increased use of IoT in the healthcare industry will also create data security concerns in 2018. In the era of connected devices, the healthcare industry needs to make patient security a top priority by increasing security protocols. To combat this, businesses should look to third-party security providers to encrypt these devices and monitor with live ethical hackers that can actually see an intrusion and catch it BEFORE it infects  your network or brings it down.
So stopping it BEFORE devistation?? What a novel idea.
So why are we taking the Ostrich approach again? The pretty little firewalls we have so much faith in are obviously not getting the job done. Oh, oh wait it’s too expensive, right? Once a school is hacked and the child’s data is in the wrong hands, have you figure out what that childs value is? How much money does it cost you to be down?
Sometimes its expensive to be cheap.  For a few hundred, maybe a few thousand dollars,  you can stop adding to the billions lost. Get a pen test  or have your network monitored.
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I Always Feel Like, Sombody’s Watching Me

And in some cases, that’s a good thing.

This is not a case of paranoia, (it’s not a case of being stuck in 90’s music either) this is the 21st century and it’s scary out there.

Network security for corporations is growing to be the number one issue that often times companies can’t manage because it remains a low priority. THAT statement makes no sense.

As of 2015 $24- $120 BILLON corporate dollars have been lost on viruses (including ransom, heart bleed, black energy and many more) and thats only whats been reported. You too can be part of the billions should you continue to make network security something “you will get to”.

You say you have invested thousands of dollars on your firewall? Ok that’s a start, but will your firewall know enough to shut down a port at 3 am when 8gb of your customers data (including names addresses and social security numbers) is flying out of your network? Firewalls are smart, but not THAT smart.

80% of your company’s threat are the folks that work there. Have you ever seen someone charge their cell phone in their workstation? This was after they plugged it in to the kiosk at Wal-Mart to print of their pictures. This is after they posted a picture of their lunch on Facebook. EWWWW, there isn’t enough sanitizer in the world to remove all of those germs.

And if the wasted billions of dollars, the Wal-Mart thing and Facebook thing aren’t enough to scare you, then this should scare you; less than 1% of hacks and crimes are reported. No company wants you to think they are unsafe. If you knew there was even a remote possiblity they were unsecure, you would not do business with them.

Check out the Cyber- attacks from October of 2016. Courtesy of

The best way to keep your data safe, is by having it actively monitored. Yes it sounds a little 1990s, but there is still something to be said about humans actually doing some work. Remember that 8gb of data that is flying out of your network with your customers information? Someone watching your network would shut it down, that $10,000 firewall and AI, might let it go since those appliances can be compromised by a high schooler with a months hacking experience

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