About VelocityAnne at Velocity Tech Solutions

Hi Everyone!

I’m VelocityAnne. Also known as Anne Tarantino in real life. In my non-real professional life, I’m VelocityAnne, a charming and somewhat knowledgeable sales and marketing professional for Velocity Tech Solutions.

We sell Dell PowerEdge Servers, Dell PowerEdge Server Parts, HP ProLiant Servers and HP ProLiant Server Parts here at Velocity Tech Solutions. We make hardware fun! We sell quality products. If we didn’t, our CIO and best Geek Ever Kay, would be up in arms. That wouldn’t be good for anyone to see.

I hope what we have to say has some good use for those of you in the IT Hardware world. Send some feedback. We’re all about improving ourselves.

VelocityAnne AKA Anne Tarantino

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