An Udderly Incredible Job!

I like to think about the service part of our company as “saving asses among the masses” as we provide IT equipment THAT fast. I can now say with pride that we save the “rumps of every roast”

Yesterday, we had a call from a large farm in Arizona: 1300 cows could not eat.  The server running their feeding machine was down. It’s pretty hard to find a nice green pasture in Arizona.


So we got on it, built a server put it on a plane for same day delivery. They received it about midnight plugged it in, moved their drives over and the state of Arizona had 1300 happy cows. It really MOOOVED me when we got the call, our rep said the customer said “you guys performed magic”.

Think this through, the STEAKS are high. We hate to MILK this example of how good we are, because I know it’s just GRAZY talk.

I hope you find my post AMOOOSING. Thanks to Stotz Dairy for being a great customer. Seriously, never forget to support your local farm.

Don’t let this go in one ear and out the udder. Redundancy is of most importance! I am NOT STEERING you in the wrong direction. In your organization don’t take for granted that your hardware won’t fail, your software won’t get corrupted and your firewall will take care of all of your network security.

However, if any or all of the above happens, call Velocity Tech Solutions, we’ll be there when you need us.  We are available 24×7.

I’m officially done with this post for heifer and heifer amen.


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