Why Us?

Why Us?

Buying servers and parts has often felt like a lawless wasteland, populated with the vaguest of guarantees and products. No longer.

Velocity Tech Solutions will answer when you call. We stock a large supply of parts and will ship you the exact manufacturer part number you request.

We often get calls saying:

“Tech support told us to call you” or “I have no idea what is wrong with my server; please do something!”

We have you covered:

  • 6 Month Warranty included with parts purchase; 1 Year on Servers. 
  • We only sell Genuine OEM parts. 
  • Parts and Servers are tested as they come in, and before they ship out.
  • We have an Emergency Line and 24/7 ordering availability.
  • We provide pre-sales support.
  • Our in-house techs are fully certified.
  • When you call, a live person answers. No robot employees. Yet. 

Manufacturers send you to us because we are transparent in our process, provide good customer service, and follow up after the sale; Our certified technicians test every part before it is shipped. And when issues do occur, you have our 6-Month Velocity Tech Warranty to rely on. There’s no need to read the fine print. In fact, THIS is our fine print.

When we promise a part will ship overnight, it does. You’ll get tracking info by end of day to confirm.

When we see you order a part online and think you accidentally ordered the wrong part, or ordered something more expensive than you need, we could twirl our moustaches and laugh; however, we prefer to call you and make sure you get the parts you need when you need them.

Our technicians are certified professionals. So, having a Computer Science degree to run your business isn’t mandatory; just highly suggested.

Buying parts for your server doesn’t need to be a guessing game. We thought about creating our own part numbers with secret codes that we found hilarious… but decided to use the manufacturer part numbers and give you clear descriptions of parts so you know what you’re getting. Also, we fully support our customers, giving advice on installation of hardware and diagnosing issues even before you place your order. Depending on whom you reach here, we can also help with your fantasy football team.

Our emergency line is open 24/7 and we will actually answer it. We enjoy customer service just that much.

We don’t care how big or small your business is. We’re glad you found us and survived the server part wasteland.

Welcome home.


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