Product Overview Dell PowerEdge R910

By Brett Middleton – Velocity Tech Solutions

In the following post we are going to take a closer look at the Dell R910 using an approach that Joe Friday would have liked had he changed fields, “Just the specs, mam“. For those of you who like to hear a more editorialized summary you can skip to the bottom, but follow along section by section for a complete view.


This is a strong point of the server, using memory risers to allow for far more memory than a standard server layout like the R710. With 64 DIMM slots when fully loaded and support for filling it up with 32GB Quad rank DIMMs for a total of 2TB of ram it brings memory quantity to a whole other level when compared to the rest of the 11th generation of servers.

Raid? Get the cache.

The R910 can come equipped with two different types of raid controllers, the h200 and the h700. The lower end h200 comes without cache and only supports raid levels 0, 1 and 10 and would only be recommended if onboard storage needs are not high and you’re using SAN’s and NAS’s for the majority of data usage. The h700 is the higher end controller and offers support for raid 0, 1, 5, 6 and 10 along with coming with battery backed cache in either 512MB or 1GB options. For hard drives you have a number of selections as far as how many you can put within the server, it comes standard with a 4x 2.5” backplane which can be expanded to a 16x 2.5” backplane.

What about Networking?

For network ports you have an extremely large selection as the networking ports are not built into the board itself, it instead uses a riser which can be swapped out to utilize different networking mediums. On top of that the pci slot layout leaves lots of room for expansion.

The standard configuration is seven PCIe gen2 slots with a layout of two x4 slots, four x8 slots and one x16 slot with slot5 on the board being a 4x PCIe gen 1 slot. The nonstandard layout is 10 PCIe gen2 slots with six x4 slots and four x8 slots.

The R910 comes standard with an idrac6 express and can be expanded to an idrac enterprise which makes things like remote viewing and usage possible through the idrac hardware.

Hot Swap

It comes with support for up to four hot swappable 750W or 1100W power supplies.


The PowerEdge R910 is the highest level server in the dell 11th generation of servers. It features support for up to four, six or eight core processors with hyper threading providing support for up to 64 threads giving amazing performance for heavily threaded applications. The mainboard utilizes the intel 7500 chipset. The R910 gives you a large variety of customization and upgrade options and should offer long-term relevancy.

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