Replacing an iDRAC Express in a Dell PowerEdge R710

By Dylan Kerling – Velocity Tech Solutions

This tech article covers the process of replacing an iDRAC Express in a Dell PowerEdge R710 system board.

Start by unplugging all power from the server. Once the server is fully powered down, open the top of the chassis and look near the rear right of the machine. You should notice your raid controller which will have two cables plugging into it. Underneath that, you will notice a small, black, rectangular piece of plastic that is held down by a metal clip. Unplug the cables from the raid controller and push out both of the pieces of plastic that are holding it in place so that you can pull the raid controller out of its slot.

Once you have your raid controller fully removed, the next step is to remove the iDRAC express itself. You will first remove the metal clip that is holding it in place by unlatching each side from the metal hoops they are connected to. Once unlatched, you are able to pull the iDRAC up and off the board. Now that your old iDRAC is detached, take your new iDRAC and lower it back onto the slot that the old one was plugged into, reattaching the metal clip latching it into place. After that, reattach your raid controller and the cables and secure the top of the server. Plug everything back in and you should be all done.

Please note that sometimes the new iDRAC doesn’t always want to take right away and you may get iDRAC communication errors. I find if this happens after the replacement, several power cycles or draining all energy from the machine by unplugging the machine and holding down the power button for 15-20 seconds and reapplying power can help as well.

Once the iDRAC is communicating properly with the server, the replacement is complete!

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