Is Extended Warranty and Service Possible on My Old IT Gear

ImageOk maybe this stuff is a little too old, to do anything with, but lets face it for those small to medium businesses (and even large business in some cases) its not possible to get on a 3 year lease to get nice new IT equipment.

Most of the large OEMs (IBM, HP, DELL ) have done away with lifetime support. The cost to call them and ask  a question to troubleshoot in some cases costs than buying a new piece of equipment, but then how  do you get your data off your current machine if it’s not working?

Well the answer is YES there are companies that will extend your warranty and support your old IT equipment. This is in most cases, your old DX280 is probably something you really do have to say good bye to.

At the risk of sounding to salesy (is that even a word?) Velocity Tech Solutions  has added Onsite service along with extending your hardware warranty on your equipment that is out of warranty that you plan on keeping.


No matter what brand you have in most cases we will be able to provide service. Visit our website

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