Installing a Dell PowerEdge 1950 System Board

By Dylan Kerling – Velocity Tech Solutions

This tech article covers the process of installing a Dell PowerEdge 1950 system board.

Fig.1 - Remove the fan assemblies.

Fig.1Line up the metal post on the side plane.

With your server case empty from having removed your original PowerEdge 1950 mainboard, take the new replacement board and orient it so that it is lined up the way the original has been removed. Place it down, towards the front of the case. Once it is lowered in, push it towards the back until you hear it click. If should no longer move from its position at this point.

Now that you have the new system board installed, return all of the risers, memory (RAM), processors and expansion cards to their original locations. After you have re-attached the majority of the parts, and re-installed the side plane, you should notice a metal post on the board, next to the port, that the side plane plugs into. Line that up with the guide on the side plane (Fig. 1) and push it in until it is secure. After that, re-attach the raid controller to the side plane.

Lastly, re-install all of the fans, push back in the power supplies and re-install the black shroud cover the processors and memory. Replace the cover to your server’s case and you are all set.

This completes the installation of the system board in the Dell PowerEdge 1950 server.

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