Removing a Dell PowerEdge 1950 System Board

By Dylan Kerling – Velocity Tech Solutions

This tech article covers the process of removing a Dell PowerEdge 1950 system board.

Fig.1 - Remove the fan assemblies.

Fig.1Remove the black processor & memory shroud.

The first thing you will do is unplug all cables that are connected to your PowerEdge 1950 server. Next, pull out the power supplies, so that they are no longer connected to the mainboard. Once done with these steps, open the case of the server and remove the black shroud covering the processors and memory (Fig. 1). After that, unplug all four (4) sets of fans from the system board. Lift the blue tab on the fans, allowing you to remove them from the case.

With these fans removed, it is recommended to remove the components on the board (processors, memory, risers and any expansion cards in the rear of the case), at this point. Disconnect the power cable leading to the backplane, located in the front of the power supplies. Along with that, remove the raid controller (Fig. 2), from the front-left of the case, by pushing down on the blue tab and pulling it away from the slot.

Fig. 2 - Push in the plastic locking pieces.

Fig. 2Remove the Raid Controller.

Next, we are going to remove the side plane from the mainboard by pushing in both blue tabs along the outer edge of it, and pulling up. Now that everything is disconnected, you will see a round, blue button/tab near the center-rear of the system board. Proceed to lift that, pulling the board towards the front of the case. It should shift forward and allow you to lift it up and out of the case. That’s it!

This completes the removal of the system board in the Dell PowerEdge 1950 server. You are now ready to install a new system board.

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