Installing a Dell PowerEdge 2900 System Board

By Dylan Kerling – Velocity Tech Solutions

With your current system board removed from your PowerEdge 2900 server, take your new board and lower it into the case so that the IO ports are facing the rear and everything is lined up. It should catch on some metal guides, allowing you to fully push back the board. You should hear it lock into place once it is fully in position. It is recommended at this point to reinstall all memory, CPUs (processors) and expansion cards before anything else is in the way.

Fig. 1 - Locate metal cage guides.

Fig. 1 – Locate metal cage guides.

After you have installed all of your parts back into your server, you should reinstall the PCI card cage and the fan assemblies. To reattach this PCI card cage, you will notice that on the left of the case, there are guides in the metal for the cage (Fig. 1). On the side of the cage itself, you should see two pieces of metal that will go into the guides on the case. It should slide in and easily push all of the way to the rear of the case, snapping into place.

With the PCI cage reinstalled, you can now replace the raid controller, which will, again, lower between the two plastic posts on the cage. It should be locked into place by the top of both plastic posts. Proceed by reattaching all of the power cables to the front of the board and get ready to attach the fan assemblies. Lower each fan assembly into the black plastic guides on the right hand side of the case (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2 - Lower each fan into the black plastic guides.

Fig. 2Lower each fan assembly into the black plastic guides.

Once these are properly lined up, they should easily lower without any force. If they are not installing easily, re-check and be sure that all of the assemblies are lining up properly into the guides. When the fans are all in place, attach all of the cables to the raid controller and the SATA cable to the DVD drive, if applicable (Fig. 3).

Finally, seal up the server and it should be all set to power on. This completes the installation of the system board in the Dell PowerEdge 2900 server.

Fig. 3 - Reattach the cables.

Fig. 3Reattach the cables.

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