Removing a Dell PowerEdge 2950 System Board

By Dylan Kerling – Velocity Tech Solutions

Today’s tech article covers the process of removing a Dell PowerEdge 2950 system board.

Fig.1 - Lift the black shroud

Fig.1Lift the black shroud

To start out, open up your case and unplug all connected cables. Once you are in there, the first thing is to lift the black shroud that is covering the CPUs and RAM (Fig. 1). You may need to move the DVD drive cable that may be routed through it, depending on the drive you have in your machine.

Once you get the shroud lifted, you should see the CPU and RAM area of the board (Fig. 2). I find it easiest to remove them now. Remove all sticks of RAM as well as the processors. Be sure, that with the processors, you watch out for the pins in the motherboard sockets. They are fragile and prone to bending if accidentally touched.

Fig. 3 - Two Risers Locations (Red)

Fig. 3-ATwo Risers Locations (Red)
Fig. 3-BBlue Tab Location (Yellow)

Fig. 2 - CPU and RAM location

Fig. 2CPU and RAM Location

At this point, also remove any PCI expansion cards that are connected to the rear of the machine. Next, lift out the two risers in the rear (highlighted in red in Fig. 3-A) and remove the raid controller from the front internal storage slot (Fig. 4). With the raid controller removed, you can now lift out the side plane. It will be connected to the front LED panel. I usually just leave it plugged in and hanging.

Fig. 4 - Raid Controller's Location

Fig. 4Raid Controller’s Location

Now, lift out the plastic fan mounts (Fig. 5). This will allow you to remove the backplane by pulling up on the blue tab. Make sure all drives are pulled out enough so that they are completely detached from the backplane.

Fig. 5 - Plastic Fan Mounts

Fig. 5Plastic Fan Mounts

Lastly, pull your power supplies out enough so they are no longer connected to the board.  At this point, you should have removed all of the components that needed to be.

Finally, you will notice a blue tab on the mainboard that can be pulled up (the tiny yellow square next to the smaller riser in Fig. 3-B). Pull this tab up and pull the board towards you and the front of the case. It will reach a point where it can’t move anymore. You will be able to lift up and out of the case. This completes the removal of the system board in the Dell PowerEdge 2950 server.

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