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Anyone can send you a widget! The benefit of using Velocity Tech Solutions as a resource is that we are committed to developing a long-term relationship with you and gaining your trust. Our passion is to be creative in helping you resolve the issue/project at hand.

Our principles soon became our core values:

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How Velocity Tech Solutions Saved Spring Break

Spring Break is upon us. Each year around this time, I think about one of my favorite Velocity Tech Solutions “saving asses among the masses” stories.

This is Minnesota and spring break can feel more like winter solstice, so when families can actually get a room at the Water Park of America they feel like a Florida vacation without being in Florida. That is a BIG Deal!


I was the lucky one to carry the emergency phone that night. I happened to be at a social event with our President, Kay Winchell, which was a bonus for the customer since she is a network engineer in disguise.

I answered the phone at 10pm and I heard panic. A server was down and so was the Water Park of America! Kids were crying, parents were screaming, parents were weeping. It was pandemonium! The tech from Water Park of America was beside himself. He had spent the entire day dealing with another vendor and paid for parts to be couriered across the Twin Cities multiple times and the server was still not repaired. That vendor had not asked questions and just kept throwing parts at him without helping troubleshoot the issue.


We met him at the office and he was so exhausted he couldn’t remember the model of the server . We walked around our warehouse for an hour (It’s a big warehouse!) and he finally saw the server that was the same model.

Kay grabbed the server, I grabbed the parts and we went through creating his error. Within minutes we discovered the issue.

The tech rushed back with the cache module that was needed and within an hour the Water Park of America  was up and running and our customer was ecstatic! (And so were the parents that promised the kids the water slide that was as dry as a bone all day long!) We helped the tech become the Hero instead of the Villain. The only thing that could have gone better was if he had found us much earlier!

That night, it was decided, we don’t just sell servers, we provide the “WOW” experience and it became our #1 core value.




Cyber Security- The Ostrich Approach is hurting the world


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How important is cyber security to you?  You folks in education, and healthcare how about you? IT professionals, I know you have your pretty little firewalls, but seriously does your software update every minute so it catches every threat out there? Perhaps its “good enough”  It’s 2018, in case anyone hasn’t noticed and Cyber Security continues to be a huge issue for every business that has a network. That means EVERY business out there is subject to these threats.

In 2017, hackers stole $172 BILLION dollars from people all over the world according to an article from MIT Technology Review. $19.4 Billion happened in the United States. I am willing to bet that in each of these threats, those pretty little firewalls were up and running and all the lights were flashing that all was good in the world.
The forecast for 2018 isn’t any better. According to Forbes, education and healthcare are going to be big targets this year. Educational institutions lack resources to defend their endpoints. school systems are a lightly secure network of endpoints that contain personally identifiable information on students, parents and staff.
The increased use of IoT in the healthcare industry will also create data security concerns in 2018. In the era of connected devices, the healthcare industry needs to make patient security a top priority by increasing security protocols. To combat this, businesses should look to third-party security providers to encrypt these devices and monitor with live ethical hackers that can actually see an intrusion and catch it BEFORE it infects  your network or brings it down.
So stopping it BEFORE devistation?? What a novel idea.
So why are we taking the Ostrich approach again? The pretty little firewalls we have so much faith in are obviously not getting the job done. Oh, oh wait it’s too expensive, right? Once a school is hacked and the child’s data is in the wrong hands, have you figure out what that childs value is? How much money does it cost you to be down?
Sometimes its expensive to be cheap.  For a few hundred, maybe a few thousand dollars,  you can stop adding to the billions lost. Get a pen test  or have your network monitored.
Anne Tarantino


Velocity Tech Solutions launches their Mugs for Giving Campaign!

Velocity Tech Solutions,  a supplier of Dell Servers is starting the holiday season by giving back to those in need with their Mugs for Giving campaign. Over 50% of the proceeds from the campaign will go to a local charity in Minnesota known as Sharing and Caring Hands.  Velocity Tech Solutions will match every dollar raised! Help us support the cause by purchasing a handcrafted mug made by Deneen Pottery.


How to Clear the Event Log For Dell PowerEdge Models: R710, R810, R910

Hi, I’m Nate with Velocity Tech Solutions in Roseville, MN. I’m here to teach you, how to clear the event log on your Dell R710, R810, and R910 servers, also if you need to get rid of that troubling Amber LCD screen on the front of your server.

When it comes to the 11th generation servers, there are 2 ways to clear the event log. 1 of them does NOT require a restart, which is nice if your server is up and running. If your server is not booting into the OS, or if the iDRAC web interface is not working, there is a 2nd way involving the hardware that requires a restart. Let’s go through each method one at a time.

1st Method: iDRAC web interface.

This method is great if you don’t want to restart your server, your iDRAC is configured with a known IP address, and your machine is up and running. You can do this method without internet access, as long as you can access your server via an IP address.

  1. To do this, the first step is to log into the IP address using your web browser. Mine is set to the default setting, which is
  2. Now you’ll be prompted with your user ID and password for your iDRAC. You should know this information, but if this is your first time accessing your iDRAC this way, the defaults are “root” for the username, and “calvin”, all lowercase, for the password. Make sure the drop-down box says “this iDRAC” and then click submit.
  3. At the next screen, if you have never been to this web interface before, it will most likely ask you to change the default username and password. If you see that screen, do this now and go through your typical company’s protocol for storing and remembering passwords.
  4. After the login, you will come to this screen (main page for iDRAC web interface). You need to navigate to….The Dashboard.
  1. a) On the right side of the dashboard, there are a few quick launch tags.

Click on View system event log.

  1. Here’s a chance to see what is in your event log. Just make sure that nothing in the log is unexpected.
  2. Click “clear log”. At this point, your event log should be cleared. You can log out of the iDRAC if you have nothing else to do here. Wait a few minutes, and the LCD screen on the front of your machine should go from Amber to the standard blue, indicating that there are no persistent errors at the moment. If after a few minutes, the screen is still amber, make sure to go through the errors using the buttons on the screen. If you are still getting an error, it could be that the problem is persistent and something in your machine is not ideal and needs to be fixed before clearing the event log will bring the screen back to standard blue. An example of this would be if your raid cables were missing or plugged into the wrong ports. In that instance, the LCD Amber error light will not go away until the machine has detected new Raid cables in the machine and then the machine is rebooted again.

One last thing to note here is that if you open the lid on your server, but have no other errors when your machine boots up, you will get an Amber LCD screen for only a minute while the machine boots and the error will say “intrusion”, but this will go away after about a minute and the LCD screen will go back to blue.

2nd Method: Hardware way, using Ctrl + E on bootup

  1. For this method, the first thing we need to do is restart the server. Make sure you have your company’s permission before you continue.
  2. Once you are rebooting, you will see a splash screen for either Dell or the maker of your machine.
  3. Then you will get to the next POST screen, which displays all the information of your machine and starts listing options. The option you are looking for will say “Press Ctrl + E to enter remote access setup within 5 seconds…” at the bottom of your screen. Press Ctrl + E immediately when you see that.
  4. If it worked, you will enter this screen. Simply use the down arrow key to navigate all the way to the bottom of the list where it says (THIS). Hit enter.
  5. After 10 seconds, you will be given two options, to either view or clear the event log. You can clear it if you want, but this is a GREAT opportunity to see what is in the event log. If you are having issues with your server hardware, this is a great place to start looking, but if you simply need to clear it, just use the clear option and hit enter. Clearing the log should be instantaneous.
  6. Once it’s cleared, hit escape until you exit the Remote Access screen. At this point, your machine will continue to boot up as normal. Your LCD screen should go back to the standard blue soon if there are no persistent errors. If it remains Amber after a minute, use the arrows on the LCD screen to see what errors are still coming up.

This finalizes the steps you should take to clear the event log on the Dell PowerEdge Models: R710, R810, R910

Stay tuned to see our video on these methods! Check out our website:     


I Always Feel Like, Sombody’s Watching Me

And in some cases, that’s a good thing.

This is not a case of paranoia, (it’s not a case of being stuck in 90’s music either) this is the 21st century and it’s scary out there.

Network security for corporations is growing to be the number one issue that often times companies can’t manage because it remains a low priority. THAT statement makes no sense.

As of 2015 $24- $120 BILLON corporate dollars have been lost on viruses (including ransom, heart bleed, black energy and many more) and thats only whats been reported. You too can be part of the billions should you continue to make network security something “you will get to”.

You say you have invested thousands of dollars on your firewall? Ok that’s a start, but will your firewall know enough to shut down a port at 3 am when 8gb of your customers data (including names addresses and social security numbers) is flying out of your network? Firewalls are smart, but not THAT smart.

80% of your company’s threat are the folks that work there. Have you ever seen someone charge their cell phone in their workstation? This was after they plugged it in to the kiosk at Wal-Mart to print of their pictures. This is after they posted a picture of their lunch on Facebook. EWWWW, there isn’t enough sanitizer in the world to remove all of those germs.

And if the wasted billions of dollars, the Wal-Mart thing and Facebook thing aren’t enough to scare you, then this should scare you; less than 1% of hacks and crimes are reported. No company wants you to think they are unsafe. If you knew there was even a remote possiblity they were unsecure, you would not do business with them.

Check out the Cyber- attacks from October of 2016. Courtesy of

The best way to keep your data safe, is by having it actively monitored. Yes it sounds a little 1990s, but there is still something to be said about humans actually doing some work. Remember that 8gb of data that is flying out of your network with your customers information? Someone watching your network would shut it down, that $10,000 firewall and AI, might let it go since those appliances can be compromised by a high schooler with a months hacking experience

Call or email us for help on this on this huge undertaking. It is easier than you think

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An additional External Pen Test is a no-brainer for every company, no matter the size, for 2017

Account Executive at Velocity Tech Solutions, Inc.

Let’s face it. You cannot turn on any major media outlet today without hearing about “hacking.”  Whether it’s alleged hacks to affect an election, to attempt to take over a power grid, to steal health care records and information, or simply for someone to fill up their gas tank on your dime through simple identity-theft level hacking – cyber security is an issue for everyone everywhere!

We read about biometrics and dual authentication for everything from a POS purchase to

logging into a mobile device for work.  This is being done for good reason. (Keep in mind, that some of the most embarrassing and comprehensive hacks tend to go unreported.)  Even the “alleged” hack of the Central Bank of Russia, which of course took place during an “unspecified date of 2016” paid an alleged bounty of approximately $31mm USD to the attackers.

We read about terms like a “mega breach” where accounts are hacked in the tens of millions of users for applications such as Dailymotion which is of course much more pertinent to my friends using Android Apps or Google Play for video sharing sites such as Dailymotion (82.5 million users compromised in 2016.)

We read about these breach events weekly, and yet many of us do nothing because we do not know where to begin.

Even if you are in a current contract with a firm that is monitoring your network, or you have created on site, providing 24 hour active monitoring [with real, living, breathing humans in a SOC in addition to AI and automation and scanning etc.] it would be well worth your time to, at a minimum, have another party perform an External Pen Test to ensure that you are getting the level of protection that you are purchasing.  This is also highly relevant to industries that are the most highly regulated (ie. HIPAA, NCUA, FDIC, GLBA, FFIEC, etc.) and must avoid any potential threat of impropriety or conflict of interest.

So, how does it work?  For those of you who already know, contact me for a quote.

For everyone else, begin by gathering a quote from a trusted expert/vendor. They should quickly and easily be able to provide you the cost and timeline for what type of expense would be involved in a quick external pen test.  Many of these firms should specialize in ethical website hacking and other cyber security issues such as documentation/policy writing, social engineering and employee awareness training.

In other words, you want to work a firm who specializes in Cyber Security. It must be their focus, and not something they offer “on the side” or “as a service.”  If they work with a third party, be sure that this is disclosed up front.  Any reputable company will proudly mention the name of their trusted partner.

You’ll need to provide the amount of Public IP addresses you have. They will then get you a quote.  Should you come to agreement on pricing and choose to
proceed with the test – this is where things get exciting!!!!!!


Image Source

Growing up, we watched Spy vs Spy, Get Smart, James Bond, Burn Notice, Alias, Hackers, Nikita, The Matrix, Mission Impossible, The Net, or any other series/movie where anything from espionage to hacking are the goal. Imagine you’re an ethical spy/hacker.  This generation has Elliott, a cyber-security engineer by day and vigilante hacker by night (“Mr. Robot”) to show us how the underbelly of our society and the dark net operates.  When you perform your pen test, you can assume your favorite persona to investigate your network.

What the penetration test will provide is a combination of the following:

Discovery – security analysts will gather and analyze information about your company.  They will thoroughly test and identify all internet entry points while they prep for enumeration.

Enumeration – here analysts identify targets which were identified during the discovery phase to determine what type of host connection (i.e. web server, firewall, router, etc.) and operating systems (version and patch level) are in use.

Automated Scanning – security analysts use a myriad of tools to determine which potential vulnerabilities to exploit.  Discovery and Enumeration phases allow the analysts to dial in the scanning tools to target their efforts, improve feedback, and rule out unnecessary scanning.

Intrusion Analysis – this is where the analysts provide the lion-share of their efforts.  All results are collected to help you design a network attack plan.  Scanning results are verified so false positives are ruled out and false negatives are explored.  Breaches of your network’s defense system are also analyzed and a mitigation process is developed.

Results – For many companies, something such as a simple patch download will suffice to repair a chain of vulnerabilities.  However, more often than not, the solution is more complex.  Based on what findings are presented in your report, you will now have the knowledge on HOW to protect your network against malicious hackers outside your network perimeter.

An External Pen Test gives you a starting point.  We all know we are vulnerable, but many of us lack the knowledge of where we are vulnerable.  Schedule your quote today to review actual steps you can take to better protect your network for 2017.

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Next topic: Internal Testing and Vulnerability Assessments from within your network.