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After 11 years in business we want to reintroduce ourselves.

We were founded by a Network Engineer that understands the importance of your time, the quality of the product, and the accuracy of your order.

Anyone can send you a widget! The benefit of using Velocity Tech Solutions as a resource is that we are committed to developing a long-term relationship with you and gaining your trust. Our passion is to be creative in helping you resolve the issue/project at hand.

Our principles soon became our core values:

  • We give the “WOW EXPERIENCE” (not just a sale, an “EXPERIENCE”)
  • We do the “RIGHT THING” for you
  • We are Diverse
  • We are Passionate & Tenacious

We invite you to experience our extraordinary service .
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Diversity is important to us – Here’s why

Everyday, within the walls of Velocity Tech Solutions, walk four generations of individuals who work together to create solutions, help customers,  fulfill orders, and handle the behind the scenes actions that keep our business running smoothly. Our diverse and inclusive environment allows for tons of ideation, an inclusive culture, and endless opportunities to learn from our colleagues; all of which makes us very happy!


Working in a diverse team every day not only benefits our company, but it also benefits our customers! We are a breeding ground for a breadth of ideas that include input from individuals from all walks of life and knowledge. We are able to create insightful, creative, and innovative solutions that work for our individual customers. We seek to discover all we can about your infrastructure and offer relevant and valuable solutions.

Working together to craft solutions promotes opportunity for us to learn and grow our knowledge, individually and as a company. We are a company of learners; we take every opportunity to research and learn from each other about the industry and technological advancements in order to ensure our customers get accurate and helpful information. It is safe to say that we are a well-rounded team with extensive resources that are dedicated to the success of our customers.


Not only are we thrilled with how our diverse setting helps our customers and their businesses succeed, but we all enjoy coming to work every day and spending time in our unique and accepting environment to help our customers craft their perfect solutions and then make sure that they get their products safely and on time. 

Our team is excited to work with yours. Call our Solutions Specialists at (888) 784-2088 or (651) 633-0095 and get started on crafting your perfect solution with us!

Three More Reasons Why Manufacturers Should be in Tune with IoT

In last week’s blog, Three Reasons Why Manufacturers Should be in Tune with IoT, we talked about how IoT implementation in the manufacturing world can help businesses by utilizing sensor based monitoring, providing enhanced data, productivity, and safety, and disclosing IoT’s competitive advantages.

This week, we are going to run through a few more reasons why manufacturer’s should take the time to look into how IoT can help their processes and the incredible opportunities that come with taking a leap into the fourth industrial revolution.


Increased Security

Security is a key component in any business. Luckily, Increased security is one of the most important features that comes with working with an IoT enabled system. Most systems are enabled with strict access controls that allow secure access to certain individuals on a secure network. Having this increased security allows for peace of mind when it comes to a company’s internal data, designs, customer information, finances, etc.

Plant and Warehouse Environment Monitoring
A major distinction between manual warehouses and automatic warehouses is the presence of a “condition based alerts” system. This system measures air quality, health monitoring, and temperature, among other critical measurements to upkeep a swift and efficient production process. It is essential for the environment of the warehouse or plant to be within its limitations to be running with optimal speed and accuracy to achieve optimal success and keep the machines from overworking themselves. Running on an IoT system lets the system monitor the environment in real time to ensure the right conditions.


Complete Transparency

For those in the company that hold a higher seat and find it difficult to visit the plant or warehouse on a regular basis, IoT offers a solution for you. An automated system that runs on IoT has digital tracking on performance, production, output, and machine information in real time. You will be able to see the ins and outs of the everyday operations within the warehouse at the click of a button. Access to this information streamlines communication throughout the entire company and results in efficiency across the board.

Velocity Tech Solutions is excited to help you on your journey into implementing IoT and helping you towards the fourth industrial revolution. Please call us at (888) 784-2088 or (651) 633-0095 to speak to our solutions specialists about how we can help you automate your manufacturing plant or warehouse.

Three Reasons Why Manufacturers Should be in Tune with IoT

Moving into a space where your company is in tune with IoT advances your push into the fourth industrial revolution, also known as, Industry 4.0. Utilizing this technology helps data collection, production, and advancement in the competitive market.


Sensor Based Monitoring

One of the most common benefits of implementing IoT in your manufacturing warehouse is the sensor based monitoring. Sensor based monitoring allows for real time updates from the production machines, online ordering systems, and quality control systems. This style of monitoring automates the process and detects malfunctions as soon as they occur and have the ability to safely shut down the entire system until the error is fixed. This saves time, money, and production materials because they are not being wasted when there is a malfunction. In addition, products that do not meet quality standards will be caught immediately which prevents other products from not passing quality tests, again saving time and production materials.


Enhanced Data, Productivity, and Safety

Implementing IoT also increases the efficiency of gathering consumer data and the effectiveness in using the gathered data. Automatic data collection and compiling allows data to be used quickly and with a set goal in mind to improve products and processes. IoT can also improve production because it increases the speed at which products are created and frees up employees to handle other tasks that the system cannot complete. It creates a timely and consistent production facility where products and employees can be better tracked to achieve ultimate efficiency. Most importantly, IoT increases safety for industrial employees that work with critical and more dangerous materials such as: chemicals, oils, gases, radioactive materials, etc. It moves the materials away from employees and towards the machines, lowering the risk of injury or casualty.


Competitive Advantages

There are countless competitive advantages to jumping on the Industry 4.0 wagon and working towards automating your manufacturing process. First off, your company will be known for staying relevant and keeping up with the technological times, which can bring in new customers and increase your revenue in time with them. In addition, you gain the ability to produce more products in a shorter time frame with automatic building, moving, and packaging possibilities. It is no secret that businesses and consumers nowadays want their products well made and delivered quickly. Moving towards IoT helps achieve all of these qualities that buyers are looking for.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog post on three MORE reasons why manufacturer’s should be in tune with IoT. Here’s a hint: increased security!
For more information on Industry 4.0, automation, and smart factories call us at (888) 784-2088 or (651) 633-0095 and view our blog, Are You Ready for Industry 4.0?

Hardware Leasing vs. Hardware Buying: The Choice Between CAPEX and OPEX

It is no secret that hardware and IT costs are a large part of a company’s budget. Hardware purchases are well thought out and researched before any action is taken and here at Velocity Tech Solutions we want to ensure that our customers have the information and means to get the products that they want and the products that best fit their technical and financial needs.


Buying Your Hardware: A Capital Expense

One option that your company has is to fully purchase your hardware and hold it as a fixed asset for the upcoming years. Purchasing your hardware flat out is considered a capital expense, an expense that is used over multiple years and depreciates in value over the course of time. When hardware is purchased it is possible to resell it or trade it in at a much lower value.

Buying hardware is a good option for companies that are not looking to update their infrastructure at a rapid pace and typically hold their hardware for more than a few years before upgrading.

Now, buying your hardware does not have to be an astronomical expense, especially when you are looking at refurbished options, if you are unfamiliar with the benefits of refurbished, please read, Buying Refurbished Hardware: The Economical, Reliable, and Overall Smart Choice.


Leasing Your Hardware: An Operational Expense

The other option for obtaining your companies hardware needs is to lease it. Leasing is considered an operational expense, an expense that helps run the company on a day to day basis. In addition, operational expenditures are tax-deductible in the year that they are made. The beauty of leasing is that it allows your company to get the server that they need for a set amount of time at a set expense rate with the option to upgrade the hardware after the term is over.

Many companies, like Velocity Tech Solutions, offer flexible terms to customers that opt to lease. This option lets you craft your solution with the next few years in mind and then re-evaluate in order to keep up with your current industry trends, needs, and technologies.

This is beneficial in industries that require frequent updates, upgrades, and changes in technological need.

Velocity Tech Solutions can help you buy your hardware at a reasonable cost with the help of our solutions specialists as well as offer maintenance support or we can help you set up flexible leasing terms for your current needs. Whichever choice is best for your company, call Velocity Tech Solutions at (888) 784-2088 or (651) 633-0095, we are here to help every step of the way.

How To: Replacing A Failed PERC Card in a Dell Poweredge System

This blog will bring you through the process of replacing a failed PERC card in a Dell Poweredge system. This process is identical for the PERC5 and older, however, PERC4 and earlier controllers will use a different configuration utility.

  • First, remove the failed card from the system and put the replacement card in.
  • Power on the system. There are several different ways that a new card can behave when it’s first powered on.
    • It may automatically import the array off of your hard drives, if this is the case you will see a message while it’s going through post that references the number of virtual drives handled by the controller. If you see this (image below) you will not need to do anything further and the server should boot through the OS:

image 1

  • The other potential behavior is a message saying, “foreign configuration(s) found on adapter” as shown here:

image 2

  • If you get the message about foreign configurations on the adapter, press “c” or “Ctrl+R” to enter the raid controller utility menu. On the upper right hand corner a message about foreign configurations will be present as shown here:

image 3

  • Highlight the top option on the main screen and press “f2”. This action will bring up a sub-menu and “foreign config” will be one of the options on the sub-menu. Press “enter” or the right arrow on “foreign config” and it will bring up another sub-menu with “import” and “clear” being the options, click on “import”, as shown.

image 4

  • Then, it will take a few minutes to process and, assuming everything else is fully functional. the configuration utility should update and show a list of all of the virtual drives that were configured on the system. This will look like this:

Image 5

This concludes the process for replacing a failed PERC card in a Dell Poweredge system. We hope you were successful in your process. Questions and comments are welcome below if you appreciate our technical support blogs or if you have additional questions!





Velocity Tech Solutions is here to Help You Achieve Ginormous Success


At Velocity Tech Solutions our purpose and passion is to help our customers achieve ginormous success through communication, education, and execution. As a technology company we strive to deliver the product, educate our customers on how IT can enable their business goals, and find extended value in their IT investment through offering refurbished options to stretch their budget.

A little background on us, our company opened its doors in 2007 with a network engineer mindset. One of the owners, a former network engineer, was driven to make it easier for engineers and IT technicians to do their job by having a reliable source to get parts, making sure they got there on time, and most importantly, making sure that they worked! Our passion for providing reliable parts and services for companies that were dependent upon their servers is what got us started.


However, we are not just a parts company, we are a trusted solutions company – our solutions have helped us make enormous strides in the industry. Don’t believe us? Just ask Dell. Before Dell went private and transferred their IT support overseas we were one of their first sources for parts and issue resolution support. When their IT support was stumped they would call us – we helped some major OEM support technician increase their resolution rates from 60 percent to well over 90 percent. Our determination and persistence to solve problems is what truly sets us apart.

We listen to your issues, wants, and needs and work tenaciously to achieve your desired result. We also understand that servers and IT is a tricky fish to fry, there are many technical terms to navigate, configurations to consider, and options to choose from; rest assured we won’t leave you hanging – your peace of mind is important to us and we want you to feel comfortable and excited about our partnership.

Now, with the changes in technology over the years we are keeping up and staying relevant and providing solutions, servers, infrastructure updates and so much more with a passion that burns brighter than ever. We continue to strive to get you the right parts quickly, safely, and at a lower cost than the OEM and we combine this with our talented solutions specialist team and technicians to provide you the best customer experience in the market.

Let us help you achieve ginormous success – Call us at (888) 784-2088 or (651) 633-0095 or visit our website.

Buying Refurbished Hardware: The Economical, Reliable, and Overall Smart Choice

As a society, we hold a stigma that new products are substantially better than ones that we have had for just a few years. We see this trend with laptops, phones, cars, etc. But, the reality of the market is, you don’t need the newest of the new, this is just what the large corporations and their advertising teams want you to believe. There are many individuals that have found perfect happiness, and held larger wallets, with used and refurbished products such as furniture, appliances, houses, and cars.


Why can’t this practice be transferred into the business world, especially with your server and hardware needs. Avoid being the individual that has gotten into the habit of throwing away perfectly good commodities for the newer, shinier, and supposedly better product, when there is a tested and trusted source to purchase a refurbished choice. Not only will you help save the planet and work towards a non-disposable society, but you will also save your company a great deal of money.

Speaking of money: budgeting and financial planning is a large part of any business and the IT budget can only grow so much. Here’s the nitty gritty: we are living in a software driven world. Without proper software, hardware would not be able to communicate and the tasks that we need done would not be completed. Software can range from $50,000 to over a million dollars per business depending on the type of software, amount of licenses, and complexity of the goals. On the other hand, hardware is a commodity, you can find it anywhere and buy it at any time assuming there is room in the budget.


Logically speaking, it would make more sense to save money on the hardware than to attempt to shrink down the size of the software allowances. The best way to do this is to buy refurbished servers and hardware parts: hard drives, batteries, raid controllers, etc. Refurbished hardware is a fraction of the cost of new hardware and the differences are minimal.

The fact of the matter is: refurbished servers, for example, are just as reliable as new servers. They run just as well, can be just as fast, and are able to have the same maintenance support as a server that is brand new and has never seen the light of day. Not only are servers less expensive in general, but upgrading hardware is cost effective as well. Imagine being able to cut the cost of a memory upgrade in half. Your finance department will praise you!


But, it is also important to look at the source of the refurbished server and find a trusted company so that you can maximize the benefit of saving money and receiving a reliable product. At Velocity Tech Solutions, our hardware is tested by our in house Dell-certified technicians when it comes into our warehouse and before it gets shipped out to the customer. In addition, we offer a standard one year warranty on all of our products – we trust our technicians and the talent of our team and are ready to stand behind our products 100 percent of the time.  

The next time you are looking to upgrade your hardware, call our trusted solutions specialists at (888) 784-2088 or (651) 633-0095 or visit our website at Let us help you be the hero of your company and get you the reliable parts you need for a fraction of the cost.